Activities vary by month but rest assured there is something for everyone.  Each month the board puts together a calendar consisting of three to five activities per week. As a member of MOMS Club you can attend as many events (or as few) as you would like!  Our activities are a great way to connect with other moms while allowing the little ones to burn some energy and socialize. We meet in public locations as well as member’s homes. Below are some examples of our regular activities.

Weekly Playgroup
We meet every week throughout the year. During the summer months, we alternate between local parks. During the winter we meet at a local recreation center where the kids can run and play in a gymnasium type atmosphere.

Play Dates
Play dates tend to be smaller, and cater toward a more intimate group of moms and kids, unless there is food involved! Members open up their homes to host play dates on a day that is convenient for them. Play dates can be targeted toward a specific theme and should be open to all members. Breakfast/lunchtime play dates can be potluck or brown bag.

Birthday Brunch
Each month we celebrate all of the mothers who have birthdays that month with a brunch hosted by a member. Those who are attending each bring a dish to share while the birthday moms just show up to enjoy a meal and be celebrated!

Coffee Chat
Adult conversation is one of the biggest benefits of being in MOMS Club! Coffee chat is a play date that combines great conversation and delicious coffee for tons of fun!

Cooking Competitions
Several times a year someone will host a themed cooking competition. Participants bring their best dishes and then vote on their favorites! The winner takes home a prize. Some popular themes have been Mexican food, Thanksgiving dishes and desserts!

Book Club
This club meets once a month at a member’s home or at a local park in the summer. Books are selected ahead of time and discussed by those who read them. Usually plenty of food is involved! Even those who haven’t read the book are welcome to attend.

MOMS Night Out
One of the most anticipated nights of the month! Once a month just the moms get together for a night out.  Activities and location vary but fun is always had by all! Some examples of recent MNO’s are: grown up sleepover, Christmas limo lights tour, game night, my favorite things party, and comedy club night.

Family Events
We try to get our families together regularly at local family friendly events. Examples are baseball games, movies in the Park, and our Annual Family Picnic in August.

Fitness Days
Get together to get some physical activity and let the kids have some fun! Sometimes a mom or fitness professional will lead a class.  We’ve gotten together to do dance and sweat to the Fitness Marshall and we’ve recently taken a jazzercise class!

Open Activities
These activities include field trips and outings to parks, local establishments, and other area interests that cater toward children. Examples are a day at the beach, zoo trips, ice cream and putt-putt golf, playing at local malls, going to the pumpkin patch, sledding in the winter, meeting at Jungle Java or a bounce house, visiting a nature center, etc.

Pinterest Play Dates
Looking to tap into your creative side? Found something on Pinterest that you just have to try? A new fun, functional, and fabulous craft each month. These crafts alternate between being geared towards the mothers and the children.

Couples Night Out
This group meets several times per year in the evening. Get a night out with your hubby, while having fun getting to know other couples in the group. We’ve gone to a Japanese Steakhouse, played Whirley Ball, and enjoyed boat night on the lake.

The Next Great Idea
We are always looking for new activities to add to our calendars. If you are a member and have a great idea that you would like to see incorporated into our club events, please contact a board member directly or email us at