Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of joining the MOMS Club® of Anchor Bay, MI

A: We are a support group designed just for you, the at-home mother. Not only will our group provide you with plenty of activities for your children, it will provide support and activities for you. Being a mother shouldn’t be isolating. Our group meets during the day when at-home mothers need support the most. You will be able to connect with other mothers and get involved in your community all while giving your children the opportunity to play and make friends!

Q: Can I try the group before joining?

A. Yes! Prospective members may attend up to two weekly events before joining.  Please contact for more information.

Q: Is there a fee to join the MOMS Club® of Anchor Bay, MI?

A: Annual dues are just $30 for the entire year!

We are a chapter of the International MOMS Club, a non-profit international organization that benefits at-home mothers worldwide. Learn more about the organization at

Q: What are our dues used for?

A. Dues go to several regular expenses.  Dues are used to provide us with a place for our weekly all member play group  and to perform service projects to benefit our community. They are also used for office and operating expenses and annual MOMS Club fees. A small portion goes toward member only benefits, like party expenses.

Q: Are there any additional costs besides dues?

A: We have a large number of completely free activities on our calendar every month such as park outings and play groups. However many of our field trips and MOMS Night Out activities do have additional costs associated with them.  Additionally, we have many activities where members are encouraged but not required to bring a dish to pass or donate party supplies.

Q: Am I expected to attend every activity?

A: Of course not! We have a wide variety of activities on our calendar each month. Members choose to attend as many or as few events as they would like.

Q: Can I bring my children?

A: Of course! Children are welcome at all of our activities. Not only does our group offer support and companionship for moms, we offer fun and friendship for children.

Q: Who runs our MOMS Club?

A: We have an executive board made up of 5 volunteer moms, learn more about them here.  Annual elections are held in June.

Our club welcomes and encourages input from all of our members. Additionally there are many opportunities for our members to take on a leadership role within the club. If you join and are interested in becoming more involved please contact a board member.

Q: I'm interested! How do I join?

A: Joining is easy! Please see our membership page or contact for more information.