The Sunshine Committee
The Sunshine Committee is a committed group of moms who volunteer their time to make our members feel welcome and special. They send out birthday greetings to our members and their children. They put together a baby basket (or two for twins!), a baked goods basket full of tasty treats, and organize meal donations for moms that have a new baby. This committee is also there to provide care, concern, and support for our members when things aren’t going well.

W.E.L.L. (Women’s Empowerment & Learning League)
Following the lead of many wonderful MOMS Club chapters, we have started our own monthly W.E.L.L. meetings.  W.E.L.L. meetings can be anything we want! These classes and speakers fall under ‘Learning and Education’ and as always, children are welcome to attend. We have had Yoga, Dance and CPR.  Some ideas for future W.E.L.L. meetings could be financial planning, couponing, budgeting, meal planning, healthy living, healthy eating, child rearing, arts and crafts, gardening… the possibilities are endless! If you have a particular subject you are interested in learning more about, or if YOU have a special skill or talent to share with the club, please contact a board member.

The Next Greatest Committee…
Do you have a great idea for a new committee that you would like to head? We are always open to our members stepping up and getting involved in our club. Maybe you would make a great craft mom or how about heading and organizing a play group? Our members are a talented group of ladies who hold a variety of interests. Your passionate pastime may be shared by others who would love to get together and do things with a small group. Contact a board member with your ideas or email us at